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Click on the following:

To browse NeuroMorpho.Org
To view details associated with each reconstruction
To select and download neurons
To browse Literature Coverage

A brief 1 minute video introducing NeuroMorpho.Org can be viewed here

Data is organized:
  • By animal species
  • By brain region
  • By cell types
  • By archive
Data can be accessed by clicking on the pie chart, tags or the categories in the left-hand column.

Thumbnail images of the neurons are displayed in a smaller pop-up window when you move your mouse over the neuron list. This window can be moved and will remain on the screen as you browse through the list.
Data is also organized:

Data is organized into:
  • Metadata - neurons can be searched by specific metadata details
  • Morphometry - neurons can be searched by morphological measurements
  • Keywords - neurons can be searched by using keywords

Select categories from Animal, Experiment, Anatomy, Source sections.
Multiple selections within and across categories can be made to narrow the search
(to select multiple options in selection box hold Ctrl and choose additional options).

Example: Select Species>Monkey>Macaque Monkey then,
               Select Stain>Lucifer Yellow then,
               Select Brain Region>Cerebral cortex

Click on 'Hits from current criteria' = 170

Data can be viewed by 4 different categories or in Summary

Search for neurons by their morphometrics

               Search specificity - select the neuronal compartments
               Search criteria - select from the list of morphometric functions
               Operator - select an operator to limit the data
               Values - select integers
               Show samples - gives range of values in the database for the selected criteria.
Example: Search Specificity - Whole Neuron
               Search criteria - Height
               Operator - >
               Values - 294.4

As in Metadata, data can be viewed by 4 categories or in Summary

Enter keyword(s) in the text area. Separate multiple keywords by a comma (,)
Example: principal cell, hippocampus

As in Metadata, data can be viewed by 4 categories or in Summary

From neuron list displayed using above browse options:
               - click on neuron name
               - details page contains
                              - associated metadata
                              - morphology and log files (which can be downloaded as zipped files)
                              - 3D neuron viewer
                              - animation of neuron
                              - related articles
                              - morphometric measurements

First find desired neurons to download (see To browse NeuroMorpho.Org)
Neurons can be selected for download by:
               - checking the boxes individually or
               - checking any subgroup to select all neurons
               - Select All option at the bottom of the page
To download the selected neurons right away, use the options at the bottom of the page:
To download the selected neurons at a later time, select 'Add to Download cart and continue browsing'. The contents of the Download cart are updated and displayed on the Menu bar. When ready to download, simply click on the Download icon and follow instructions.
To download selected neurons with their signature files, check the box Include Signature. To download selected neurons with their auxiliary files, check the box Include Auxiliary files.
Selected files will be compressed in a zip archive for download.

To use 3D neuron viewer
In the Details page of the reconstruction, click on the link to 3D neuron viewer

A new window will open and file will be loaded
The neuron image will appear on a black background
If you cannot see the neuron, click on the "Center" button
To browse the image:
               - Move the neuron with left click and drag
               - Rotate the neuron with right click and drag
               - Zoom in by left click and zoom out by right click
               - Display the neuron in skeletal or area projection by selecting appropriate button
To save the neuron:
               - Select Neuron or Genesis format to save neuron

Menu>Literature Coverage>Literature Search
               - Enter PMID of publication to search availability in the database OR
               - Search literature by
                              - Availability status- ordered by data availability in positively
                                identified publications
                              - Publication information- ordered by year of publication
                              - Reconstruction information- ordered by species,
                                brain region and cell type
                              - Complete details- complete information of every publication
                                in the database

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