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NeuroMorpho.Org ID :  NMO_12680
Neuron Name :  Cha-F-300123
Archive Name :  Chiang
Species Name :  drosophila melanogaster
Strain :  Cha-Gal4
Structural Domains :  No Dendrites, No Soma, Axon
Physical Integrity :  Axon Complete
Morphological Attributes :  No Diameter, 3D, Angles
Min Age :  5.0 days
Max Age :  15.0 days
Gender :  Female
Min Weight :  Not reported
Max Weight :  Not reported
Development :  adult
Primary Brain Region :  Right Mushroom Body
Secondary Brain Region :  Right Calyx
Tertiary Brain Region :  Not reported
Primary Cell Class :  interneuron
Secondary Cell Class :  cholinergic
Tertiary Cell Class :  day3 Born
Original Format :
Experiment Protocol :  in vivo
Experimental Condition :  Control
Staining Method :  green fluorescent protein
Slicing Direction :  whole mount
Slice Thickness :  Not applicable
Tissue Shrinkage :  Not Reported (no values given)
Not corrected
Objective Type :  water
Magnification :  40x
Reconstruction Method :  Custom
Date of Deposition :  2012-01-26
Date of Upload :  2014-12-11
Persistence Vector :  Cha-F-300123.pvec
Note :  Cell types and Brain regions were assigned with a heuristic process based on available metadata. This dataset was processed with a streamlined automated variant of the standardization procedure, additional details of which are published here. Digital reconstruction used a custom method after image segmentation by Amira. The SWC units for the neurons in this dataset are not expressed in micrometers. The exact scaling factors, which are different for each neuron, are not known, but our approximate estimate is 0.32 in XY and 0.26 in Z. Thus, the morphometric measurements can be compared within other neurons of this archive, but not across the rest of the database.When originally released, this reconstruction had been incompletely processed, and this issue was fixed in release 7.0 (Sep 2015). The original files are still available for download here. For any question or clarification, please contact us.

Reference Article
Related Article Reference :  Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Brain-wide Wiring Networks in Drosophila at Single-Cell Resolution

Soma Surface :  N/A
Number of Stems :  1
Number of Bifurcations :  5
Number of Branches :  11
Overall Width :  250.05 μm
Overall Height :  409.11 μm
Overall Depth :  148.2 μm
Average Diameter :  1 μm
Total Length :  1568.71 μm
Total Surface :  4928.25 μm2
Total Volume :  1232.06 μm3
Max Euclidean Distance :  443.27 μm
Max Path Distance :  863.37 μm
Max Branch Order :  5
Average Contraction :  0.72
Total Fragmentation :  134
Partition Asymmetry :  0.8
Average Rall's Ratio :  2
Average Bifurcation Angle Local :  99.06°
Average Bifurcation Angle Remote :  74.04°
Fractal Dimension :  1.11

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