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Data used from NeuroMorpho.Org

When using any material found on or downloaded from NeuroMorpho.Org in your
publication(s), please include each and all three citations listed below:

  1. The original paper(s) that describe the reconstructions, which appear(s) as a Pubmed link in the detailed metadata page of each reconstruction;
  2. The complete name: NeuroMorpho.Org and
  3. Either: Ascoli GA (2006) Mobilizing the base of neuroscience data: the case of neuronal morphologies. Nature Rev. Neurosci., 7:318-324
    Ascoli GA, Donohue DE, Halavi M. (2007) NeuroMorpho.Org: a central resource for neuronal morphologies.J Neurosci., 27(35):9247-51
To reference a specific reconstruction you may also use the NeuroMorpho.Org ID of the neuron, in addition to the above three citations.

Data contributed to NeuroMorpho.Org

To cite NeuroMorpho.Org in a publication, as an online repository where your original data can be found, please choose from the following:

  1. At the time of writing your manuscript, if data has already been contributed to NeuroMorpho.Org, then state that the data "has been submitted to and will be available at NeuroMorpho.Org".
  2. At the time of writing your manuscript, if data is not yet contributed to NeuroMorpho.Org but will be in the near future then state that the data "will be submitted to NeuroMorpho.Org".

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